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This is a translation of a statement which was sent by archimandrite Veniamin (Vozniuk) and abbess Juliania to editors of official site ROCOR(V) in response to a June 22, 2006 Internet posting of an appeal addressed to Metropolitan Vitaly. The appeal is a declaration of support for bishops Vladimir and Bartholomew and protopriest Veniamin Zhukov and it was allegedly signed by a group of clerics in ROCOR(V). The letter was posted on P. N. Budzilovichs site [1] known as Mysli o Rossii

According to the statement, neither Mother Juliania, nor archimandrite Veniamin, authorized Mr. Budzilovich to use their names in the aforementioned appeal to the First Hierarch. Furthermore, having read the appeal, Mother Juliania had contacted
Mr. Budzilovich directly to request removal of her signature and that of archimandrite Veniamin from the posting. However, Mr. Budzilovich did not respond and he did not honor their request. For this reason, mother Juliania felt it was necessary to set the record straight and, on July 15, 2006, sent this statement, in Russian, to official site [2] and requested that it be made public.

Brothers and Sisters !

On June 22, 2006, An Appeal to Blessed Metropolitan Vitaly was posted on
P. N. Budzilovichs web site Mysli o Rossii. This appeal was accompanied by a list of signatures of individuals supporting the position of Synod members bishop Vladimir, bishop Bartholomew and prot. Veniamin Zhukov. To our amazement, we saw our signatures on this list.

We consider it our Christian duty to state that, Fr. Veniamin (Vozniuk) did not give his permission to have his name used under this appeal. As for myself, after a long telephone conversation with Fr. Nikolai Semenov, I initially did not fully understand the situation and agreed to let him use my name, without asking for Fr. Veniamins blessing.

We are requesting, most emphatically, that Mr. P. N. Budzilovich remove our signatures from this Appeal.

Archimandrite Veniamin (Vozniuk)
Abbess Juliania




  [1] http://www.russia-talk.com/otkliki/ot-486.htm
  [2] http://www.rusoc.org/print.php?sid=67