An EXTREME INCIDENT in Mansonville

Admin 16 , 2006 . - 22:49

On Friday, July 21, an encounter for Archbishop Antony (Orloff) transpired, resulting in criminal charges against the Montreal group which had earlier surrounded the now deceased Vladyka Sergiy (Kindyakov). After a fifth attempt by the members of this group to file falsified documents with the police department to try to deport from Canada the participants of the Sobor, Archbishop Antony explained to an investigator of criminal acts, that the signature of Metropolitan Vitaly under scrutiny was forced and began to insist on a meeting face to face with the First Hierarch with no one else present except the police or, at least Mr. Fakeyev, one of the participants of the group isolating the Metropolitan.

Archbishop Antony and I. L. Fakeyev went up together to the second floor to Metropolitans office. After a brief conversation, the First Hierarch agreed to the members of the Hierarchical Sobor gathering at the Skete. In violation of the agreement, the group from Montreal led by L. D. Rosnyansky unexpectedly broke into the office and began to demand that Metropolitan immediately change his decision. Archbishop Antony reminded those who burst in about the agreed conditions to have no outsiders present. But an irritated Mrs. Rosnyansky began to shout at Vladyka Vitaly, demanding the immediate exclusion from the premises of members of the Sobor, yelled out while pointing at Archbishop Antony: Throw him out of here. In front of Metropolitan [the group] jumped on and crushed him, causing him to lose his breath and scream from pain. Then they tossed him onto the floor and tried to throw him down the stairs. Taking care not to let them get his tape recorder, which was allowed according to their agreement, Archbishop Antony got up with great difficulty and rushed outside. One of his attackers ran after Vladyka to grab the recorder from him. Vladyka Antony managed to run into the candle-making studio and lock the door. As a result of the endangerment to his own life and the blatant violation of the agreement for a meeting with the First Hierarch, the police were speedily informed, and Archbishop Antony rode to police headquarters.

The investigation lasted until 4 oclock in the morning. The detective who uncovered bodily injuries to the Assistant First Hierarch filed a report about Archbishop Antonys beating. A criminal investigation case was opened, which will lead to a trial in court. Fearing for the life of Archbishop Antony, the police offered him their protection. This is how the antagonists of the Sobor, who have imprisoned the First Hierarch, have once again shown their true face as common criminals.

All documents relating to this case, including the recording of the conversation with Metropolitan, will be published soon.

The Editorial Staff