The Criminal Investigation in the Case of the Assault of Archbishop Antony (Orloff)

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The pieces of the criminal investigation case against the Montreal group of common thugs led by L. D. Rosnyansky who isolated the First Hierarch against his will from his Assistant and members present at the Sobor, are beginning to fit together.

The criminal investigation of the case of the attack on Archbishop Antony (Orloff) in the residence of the First Hierarch takes on an even more serious nature.

The day following the beating, the well being of Vladyka Antony drastically turned for the worst, when he began to experience severe chest pain. On the evening of July 22, the investigator insisted that an ambulance be called for Archbishop Antony and take him to the local hospital. After an exhaustive three-hour-long examination, besides bleeding and bruising, a broken rib was discovered. The medical report was sent to police headquarters. After receiving the diagnosis from the medical team, the police detective informed Archbishop Antony that the trauma inflicted on him was so serious, that he intended to arrest the muggers from Montreal and hold them on criminal charges.

It is worth noting that Archbishop Antony is the legitimate founder of the Brotherhood of St. Job of Pochayev and the Assistant First Hierarch, and for this reason has full rights to an audience with Metropolitan at any time. Nonetheless, the group from Montreal continues to block access to the First Hierarch.

Under such circumstances Vladyka Antony was forced to go to the police station and appeal for help. The detective seeing clear violation of the law, summoned I. L. Fakeyev for negotiations with Archbishop Antony. Extensive and futile negotiations with Fakeyev had forced the police to get involved and give him an ultimatum with demands that the possibility of a meeting quickly be given for Archbishop Antony to meet with the Metropolitan.

According to the demands of the police, I. L. Fakeyev agreed to grant Archbishop Antony the opportunity to meet with the First Hierarch, but only with the mediation of Fakeyev. In light of the weakened state of Vladyka Vitaly, the meeting was appointed in the Metropolitans chambers upstairs on the second floor.

We are publishing the original of the Agreement (Declaration) with the signature of Francis Roy, the Chief Detective in criminal affairs, who compiled the police case of this long-awaited meeting. As evident in the report, the Montreal group who blocked access to the Metropolitan, violated all the basic conditions of the Declaration, which is mentioned in the preceding report An extreme incident in Mansonville, namely:
On the insistence of the police an agreement was reached regarding the conditions of the meeting, one of which was a private conversation between Archbishop Antony and Metropolitan, with no outsiders who might influence [Metropolitans] decision regarding the gathering of members of the Sobor at the monastery skete.

(To be Continued)

Editorial Staff

(Originals in English of three declarations by Vladyka Antony follow this report.)