APPEAL of Archbishop Antony (Orloff) to all Those Dedicated to ROCOR

Admin 16 , 2006 . - 23:31

The Editorial Staff is publishing the text of the appeal of Archbishop Antony (Orloff) to all those dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Vitaly*

July 13/26, 2006
Assembly of the Archangel Gabriel

To All Those Dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

I appeal to my fellow Orthodox. This is my last call to you. Up to the present day I have no access to Metropolitan, except through the police. Vladyka Vitaly is surrounded by common thugs headed by L. D. Rosnyansky, who at the present time is involved in fabrication and falsification of declarations in the name of our Most Blessed Metropolitan, maliciously exploiting his weakness. I, the Assistant to the First Hierarch, was attacked, endlessly insulted by profanities, and undeservedly slandered. Vladyka Metropolitan is spiritually drained. Rosnyansky removed all Church services. For more than two weeks Holy Transfiguration Church has been closed. Metropolitan is completely isolated. When Vladyka Vitaly was shown bread, he asked: What is this? They pointed out to him: Vladyka, this is bread. Only then did he remember with great effort and said, And?!...Give us this day our daily bread. This shows how much he thirsts for spiritual fellowship and divine worship, from which Metropolitan has been forcefully deprived for a long time.

For the last time I evoke your conscience and invite you to fulfill your Christian dutyto come to Mansonville without further delay. As never before our Metropolitan needs intercession and spiritual support. God forbid that at this moment in Mansonville the terrible words of the Czar Martyr would be repeated: Around us are treason, cowardice and deceit. It is terrifying to imagine that it will be written in the history of our glorious Church Abroad, that at the last moment you betrayed Metropolitan Vitaly and in his place chose L. D. Rosnyansky, fulfilling her declarations.

With heartfelt pain I beg you to come to your senses before it is too late, with brotherly love to accept my Declaration as the legitimate Assistant to the First Hierarch and collectively elect a worthy Metropolitan, as it has already been done in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia during the time of Metropolitan Anastasy.

May God give you wisdom, and may He show you the path toward salvation.

Assistant to the First Hierarch of ROCOR
Vice President of the Synod
+ Archbishop Antony

*See Ukaz No. 15/16/M